One of Chris's passions, outside of writing, is speaking to and connecting with college students. With a wide array of leadership experiences under his belt, he is able to cater his speaking events to your organization to ensure it is beneficial. Read on to find more information about what to expect if you book an event with Chris, as well as testimonials from previous participants in his events.


“Chris did an amazing job at conveying a message that all need to hear. He has a no nonsense approach but is able to communicate in a friendly way that is meant to help others get better. We highly recommend Chris for any organization looking to improve its leadership and culture as a whole.”  

- Purdue Financial Management Association Executive Board 

“I was really able to connect with what Chris had to say during our session. He provided valuable insight to further leadership skills and networking. His ambitious personality was a motivator for me as well – I felt energized and ready to tackle the world after hearing Chris speak."

- Nate Surges

 “Chris Molina captivates! With an audience any age and background, his story-telling is relatable & thought provoking. Looking forward to the next time I can hear one of Chris’ speeches and be motivated, inspired & pushed to pursue my dreams personally and professionally."

- Jazna Stannard

“Chris did a fantastic job. He was so approachable and yet was immediately respected in a good way. I loved the conversation and how easy it was to integrate our questions into his message. I was focused and fixated on what he was talking about and found myself relating to a lot of it. Overall, it was a complete hit. His experience was clear, and he was absolutely a trusted advisor.

- Rebecca Gloff