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Pursuing Mastery in BJJ

with Emma Matia

Our guest on this episode is Emma Matia (aka Thug Panda). Emma's passion is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and in this episode we dive into the art of Mastery, and specifically what Mastery looks like in martial arts.

From College Student to ESPN Social Media Specialist

with Eric Jackman

Our guest on this episode is Eric Jackman, also known as NewYorkRic. He has worked in the field of Mixed Martial Arts media for several years, and currently is the Senior Social Media Specialist at ESPN, responsible for managing their @ESPNMMA and @ESPNRingside social media handles. NewYorkRic shares with us how he got to where he is now, and the unique way that he was able to land a job in the field of Mixed Martial Arts that he is so passionate about..

Leadership in Education

with Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi

In this episode we are joined by Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi. Dr. Jacob is a consultant, an author, and a thought leader in the realms of education, leadership development, procurement, and supply chain management. He also has his PhD in the area of supply chain management. He shares with us his experiences with leadership in the education system, and how we can best start molding future generations to be effective leaders from an early age.

How to Pay Off Your Debt, Quit Your Job, and Travel the World

with Samantha Burmeister

Our guest on this episode is Samantha Burmeister. Sam is a 9 to 5 nomad - she quit her corporate job and is now a full time traveler, freelance writer, and blogger. We talk all about the steps she took to pay off her debt so she could quit her job and the incredible experiences she has had traveling and living all over the world. 

Leadership Talk

with Fred Stuvek Jr.

Our guest for this episode is Fred Stuvek Jr. Fred is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, a businessman, an entrepreneur, and an author. We talk about all things leadership, including important attributes for leaders to have as well as how to achieve them and become a successful leader. 

Public Speaking

with Cody Smith

In this episode, we talk with Cody Smith, author of five books, including Stage Fight. After working diligently to overcome his fear of speaking, he shares with us some tips and tricks about how you, too, can overcome your fears and learn to be a great speaker. In addition to being an author, Cody is also a public speaking coach.

Landing Your Dream Job

with Grace Lemen

In this episode, we talk with Grace Lemen. Grace has a degree in communication from Purdue University and landed her dream job working for the National Parks Service upon graduation. She shares with us about how she chose her career path, how she found her dream job, and how she uses the skills that she learned with her communication degree when interacting with customers and coworkers every day.

3 Keys to Sales and Communication

with Alex Curtis

In this episode we sit down with Alex Curtis. Alex has worked in sales roles in multiple firms and different industries. Here, we will do a deep dive into everything that deals with being an effective communicator & salesperson. Whether you're in a sales role currently, wanting to make a transition to sales, or just work in any position that involves interacting with others - this episode about sales and effective communication is a must listen.

Journey to Announcing

with Ray Flores

Today we are speaking with Ray Flores. Ray is an “On Air Anchor” at “ESPN Radio 1000-Chicago” and is also an “Announcer” for various Mixed Martial Arts & Boxing Organizations. We will be discussing the journey to his success and advice for young professionals pursuing their dreams.

Dreaming Big

with Mitch Matthews

In this episode, Chris Molina interviews with Mitch Matthews, a keynote speaker, success coach, a trainer, best-selling author & a podcaster.

Solocast: Confidence

with Chris Molina

In this episode of the PBC podcast, you will learn about Confidence… what is it, why it’s important, and how to improve it.

Dealing with Adversity

with Nick DiNardo

How do you deal with issues when the going gets tough? How do you deal with adversity? Today's guest is Nick DiNardo. Nick is the author of “The Game of Adversity” which revolves around 8 Practices To Turn Life's Toughest Moments Into Your Greatest Opportunities. Nick also has a podcast by the name of “The Sweet Adversity podcast” and Nick’s podcast aims to show that adversity is the catalyst for living a great life and accomplishing great things.  

Women, Money & Hard Choices

with Tess Wicks

Today's guest is Tess Wicks. Tess is the Host of a podcast, a Writer and Public Speaker for "Words & Money" which is a platform dedicated to educating career-driven women on their personal financial matters. Tess’ goal is to add a little snark, sass, and humor into your financially savvy, goal attaining journey by taking these particularly dry and mind-numbing topics and showing you that... well, getting smart with your money isn't only for the mega-rich big boys, and it doesn't have to be quite as boring and unrelatable as we all might assume it is.

Solocast: Are they lucky?

with Chris Molina

Have you ever called someone “lucky” for having a job… an experience…. money?  

In this episode, we talk about luck. How we currently think about it & how we should be thinking about it.

Entrepreneurship & Dropping Out of College

with Prahasith Veluvolu

Have you ever thought of starting a business? Have you thought about dropping out of college? Today's guest is Prahasith Veluvolu. Prah is a good friend of mine and someone that I consider a “serial entrepreneur”. Prah has a very interesting story, especially if you’re thinking about starting a business or dropping out of college.  


with Adam Carroll

Have you ever tried to Master something? Have you ever pursued the Mastery of something? Today's guest is Adam Carroll. Adam is a speaker, author, documentary creator, founder of National Financial Educators &&&n all around financial literacy junkie. Adam has a great story and a very interesting take on the Mastery (essentially being good at what you do).  

Emotional Intelligence

with Gale Mote

Did you know that EQ generally trumps IQ in the job market? Today's guest is Gale Mote. Gale is a Trainer &&&rganization Development Consultant at Gale Mote Associates, a Certified Coach and Facilitator for EQ-i 2.0®, an Authorized Partner with Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ and Everything DiSC®, and an Adjunct Lecturer at University of Iowa.  

Giving Back

with Tinashe Chaponda

Making a difference in the life of others is not difficult. Does the thought of helping others fuel your inner passion? It does for Tinashe. Today's guest is Tinashe Chaponda. Tinashe is President & &ounder of the non-profit FOCUS Kalamazoo, a Jeter’s Leaders alum, Board of Director member for the Advocacy Services for Kids, a student at Western Michigan University and an all-around great role model.  

Making Choices

with Susanna Kalnes

Today's guest is Susanna Kalnes. Susanna is an entrepreneur, a BeachBody Master Trainer, a frequent guest on various television networks, and someone who has been featured in Shape magazine (just to name a few things). We can all learn from her story and her take on the decision-making process.  

Introduction to PBC

with Chris Molina

What is the 'Professional By Choice' podcast? What is PBC about? Who the heck is Chris Molina? This quick intro to the PBC podcast answers all those questions! Take a quick listen to see what's in store.