Do you have a specific leadership question or are you looking for guidance in your personal leadership development? Chris offers 1-1 coaching in addition to group speaking events! He provides multiple packages to choose from, and he will work with you to find one that matches your needs during a free phone consultation. Here, you can read feedback from previous clients and colleagues to help you determine if a coaching session with Chris is the right choice for you to further your leadership skills.


"Working under Chris's leadership in an organization during college was what began shaping me into the leader that I am today. He has taught me so many valuable things about self-confidence, public speaking, professional development, the list goes on. Now, years later, he is still the person that I turn to for guidance. His mentorship and friendship continue to have a positive impact in my life."

- Devon Post

"Chris Molina has guided and provided me with an abundance of professional and leadership advice. When I joined an organization with him, he pushed me each semester to take on a new, challenging role. I always trust his advice and appreciate how he provides explanations in unique ways. Chris has been an amazing mentor who has shaped my leadership career."

- Nicole Plewniak

“Chris is a professional in every sense of the word. He is always looking at ways to improve processes, the analysis and logic behind an issue, or to teach others how to take that next step. A big factor in my recommendation of him to others is that he looks for solutions to problems, not just complaints. I hold him in the highest of regards in every sense."

- Dan VerDuin

"Chris Molina was a mentor to me from the moment I met him. Even though I was without direction, he was able to give me the advice and the push I needed to find my way. He is the type of guy that when he helps you, you know he is doing it because he truly cares about you. To find some as genuine as Chris is rare and should not be overlooked."

- Grace Lemen